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XtremeFractals2 Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 3, 2017, 1:54 AM

:wave: Hello dear members :wave:
I hope you are all keeping well!  In between our guest features I thought I would treat
 us to some lovely fractal manipulations from our members.
I am fascinated by their diversity and in awe of how each person's imagination
 has created such unique concepts, from abstract, kaleidoscopes, space
to the wonderfully surreal

Please visit each artist and show them some :love:

                                              Passionarity by Hel1x                                                  
Passionarity by Hel1x      

The Portal by HalTenny
 The Portal by HalTenny

A Flying Garden for Ans by marijeberting                
A Flying Garden for Ans by marijeberting  

2-17-17 4  by Manndicious
     2-17-17 4 by Manndicious

Hyve and Mother Bee Starship by bluartdesign2012       
Hyve And mother bee starship by bluartdesign2012     

Surreal Wip by Dragonfiretoo
 surreal wip by Dragonfiretoo

Evolution Kaleidoscope by ivankorsario         
Evolution caleidoscope by ivankorsario      

2014-2016 by iSubmit
2014 - 1496 by iSubmit

Rainbow Lake Spral by Thelma1              
Rainbow Lake Spiral by Thelma1    

Holding Pattern by MarkJayBee
Holding Pattern by MarkJayBee

Look out for our next Special Guest Feature coming soon!

Bye for now and have a great weekend :hug:


Sunflower by KmyGraphic

It's been an exciting couple of months in the world of three-dimensional fractals. We've had some amazing new formulae to play with, and they've inspired some wonderful art. Here are some that caught my eye. Do check out and support these artists!

First there was the Kleinian in Fragmentarium, thanks to Knighty and Jos Leys and cleverly tweaked by pupukuusikko . With elegant spirals and shiny, jewel-like spheres, it quickly became a favourite.

Happy Birthday, Gloria! :) by Sabine62Kleinian Monument by utak3rSea treasures by C-JR

Then dark-beam brought it to Mandelbulb3d as JosKn-KleinIFS, and the fun continued.

Kleine Amoebe by SchmiegelQuintessence by SwoopswatkillShiver by batjorgeWatching the Light by marijeberting

Curling Up by batjorgekleinian nr x - Mandelbulb3D with Parameter by matze2001Art Nouveau by marijebertingKleinian spiral by giovannigabrieli

Back in the Fragmentarium world, pupukuusikko gave us the SpiralBox.

SpiralBox III by Sabine62

And dark-beam brought us JosKn-modIFS. (Check out JosKN-ModIFS Options for a list of what the options do!)

Kleinian mod by pupukuusikko BIFROST by bo-dion Collective Imaginery by batjorgehis magesty - king of the bulbs by fraterchaos

And then the SurfBox

Amazing surf box by pupukuusikkoCircle of Friends by hypex2772cold fusion by fraterchaos

SurfBox...Curly by LaxmiJayarajIn the Limit by pupukuusikko

And, just for fun, eiffieCarIFS!

On the Road again by hypex2772Bat-car by DorianoArt

XtremeFractals2 Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 12, 2017, 1:24 AM

Spiral madness!!

First a little shout out to our :iconlady-compassion: as it is her Birthday today! Best wishes from all of us here at XtremeFractals2
:cakerun: :happy birthday: Lily Wishing a Happy Birthday Happy Birthday (2) Animation sm Happy Birthday 3 Blower fella (Party) 

Well, now that my spiral addiction is well and truly out there, I am giving myself permission to indulge in some beauties I found in our group folders..... Spirals just make me Rue Grin. I don't know what it's like where you are but in the UK it's grey, cold and trying badly to snow, so I thought I would brighten it up with some fun and funky spirals for you!

please take the time to view each artists and give them some support :hug:

i hope you enjoy my selection and look out for another Surprise Guest Feature next weekend ;)

Spiraling In by ellarien  625d-4 by AkuraPare

UF - Rainbow-Panorama + Parameters by Escara40  FA 426-07 by Gerda1946

Darling... I love you by Wsandid Summertime Special - dIFS chain #89 by miincdesign

Blue Pearls by ellarien UF-Duckytalis 62 by Lupsiberg

Tentacle by Sabine62  Fractal Art 487 by Thunderheart1287
Playthings by Velvet--Glove AB2016-471 ... RBW-08 by Xantipa2

2508 by PrettyJu  New Wave - 512 by MANDELWERK

Spiral of Purple Velvet Dreams by FlyingMatthew Viral Spiral #78 by 2BORN02B

Remnant by AbstractedEye  Passion by Sirenwilliams

Arabian Nights by bast4cats Wonderland By Drhussamm by Lady-Compassion

Dizzy by lucid-light Feathered by poca2hontas

Swirls by DsyneGrafix I Need Warmth by SuicideBySafetyPin

Glyph Curve - Last Iteration by GrannyOgg  Just My Imagination by Shadoweddancer

If you would like to be involved in writing a Guest Feature for us simply send us a note... and you don't need to be experienced in writing features as here to help you

Bye for now


Martina :iconpoca2hontas: of :iconxtremefractals2: invited the group's members & contributors to write guest-features with a theme, software, color or any other feature in mind. For my feature, it's space themed.

Escape by marijeberting

Heart ON by glaktor

flowing energy by Dragonfiretoo

Alien Tunnel by jim88bro

Under Infernal Sky by Blazemorioz

The Elephant Nebula by luisbc

Imaginary Lands by LukasFractalizator

Relay Station by Oxnot

Creation by luisbc

Over The Earth by Lior-Art

Your Dreams May All Come True by Lior-Art

This feature was made by  :icondr-pen:

XtremeFractals2 Guest-Feature

Sat Jan 28, 2017, 1:08 PM
Jenny :iconlady-compassion: and Martina :iconpoca2hontas: of :iconxtremefractals2: invited members and contributors to write a guest-feature in this journal

XtremeFractals2 Fave of the week:wave: Hello everyone.
Failed idea Firstly I would like to introduce a new feature idea to the group which was something myself and Lady-Compassion Jenny had been discussing.Failed idea 
it would be great to invite any member or contributor to be involved in writing features. We would love to see the creativity and ideas from you. So I am thinking of having 2 features a month that are made by one of you! And it is free reigns as long as it is fractal related. I am very excited as traditionally it was always only admins but  I want to get anyone of you involved :)
Maybe you want to chosee a fractal or an artist to feature
Make a tutorial
showcase a particular fractal program 
or maybe introduce yourself to the group
choose any theme
So get your creative juices going and thinking caps on ;)
As this is ongoing feel free to note the group or me personally if you would like to be

and I am happily taking them up on their offer :heart:

Looking outside it's been rather dull winter weather here for weeks now, cold, wet, then foggy, then freezing, so I thought we (or at least those having a climate like this ;)) could all benefit from a splash of light and colour :)

Please visit the artworks below, support the artists by adding them to your favourites and maybe even leave a nice comment :) (Smile)

Coral by digitallusion

Looking Through Glass by pillemaster

Looking Through Glass by pillemaster

An Orange Gnarlwork by Zueuk

An Orange Gnarlwork by Zueuk

The image makes my eyes confused by Pixelansicht

The image makes my eyes confused by Pixelansicht

Ideal Oil by FarDareisMai

Ideal Oil by FarDareisMai

Playschool by Velvet--Glove

Playschool by Velvet--Glove

Going for Baroque by bobm

Going for Baroque by bobm

Fractal Candy Crown by Vjaz

Fractal Candy Crown by Vjaz

Created at by :iconsimplysilent:

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