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It's been an exciting couple of months in the world of three-dimensional fractals. We've had some amazing new formulae to play with, and they've inspired some wonderful art. Here are some that caught my eye. Do check out and support these artists!

First there was the Kleinian in Fragmentarium, thanks to Knighty and Jos Leys and cleverly tweaked by pupukuusikko . With elegant spirals and shiny, jewel-like spheres, it quickly became a favourite.

Happy Birthday, Gloria! :) by Sabine62Kleinian Monument by utak3rSea treasures by C-JR

Then dark-beam brought it to Mandelbulb3d as JosKn-KleinIFS, and the fun continued.

Kleine Amoebe by SchmiegelQuintessence by SwoopswatkillShiver by batjorgeWatching the Light by marijeberting

Curling Up by batjorgekleinian nr x - Mandelbulb3D with Parameter by matze2001Art Nouveau by marijebertingKleinian spiral by giovannigabrieli

Back in the Fragmentarium world, pupukuusikko gave us the SpiralBox.

SpiralBox III by Sabine62

And dark-beam brought us JosKn-modIFS. (Check out JosKN-ModIFS Options for a list of what the options do!)

Kleinian mod by pupukuusikko BIFROST by bo-dion Collective Imaginery by batjorgehis magesty - king of the bulbs by fraterchaos

And then the SurfBox

Amazing surf box by pupukuusikkoCircle of Friends by hypex2772cold fusion by fraterchaos

SurfBox... by LaxmiJayarajIn the Limit by pupukuusikko

And, just for fun, eiffieCarIFS!

On the Road again by hypex2772Bat-car by DorianoArt
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Gallery Folders

It is still a Beautiful world by Lady-Compassion
Not Thanos by HalTenny
2508 by PrettyJu
Retro by DsyneGrafix
Magma Flow by Shadoweddancer
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Feb17-170226-2f by Solankii
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Trapped in a Chaos Wake by FlyingMatthew
The Rainbow Serpent by ICFrac
Blast Off Version 2 by Astronomiseme
Blast Off by Astronomiseme
Ocean Floor by Annie5357
Lookin' Out My Back Door by ciokkolata
Attractor k2 by ciokkolata
It Is by comettower2
Liquid Fireworks by comettower2
Valley by Fi3uR
Project by triptychaos
Blue by PaMonk
Looking For Something by triptychaos
Fractal Explorer
Dropkicker by 2BORN02B
And the Night, As Usual, Says Nothing by 2BORN02B
The Missionaries Position by 2BORN02B
Confusion Illusion by jim88bro
2014 - 1496 by iSubmit
2014 - 1494 by iSubmit
Rainbow Lake Spiral by Thelma1
Flyingmatthew Welcomes You to His Deviant Page by FlyingMatthew
Tangled Curls by ellarien
Pearl by C-JR
Spiked by Sabine62
Surreality by ellarien
Thaumaturgy by blingblingbabe
20-2-17 by Alena1950
Cupid by blingblingbabe
Hope by BGai
J Wild fire
Natural Disaster by thargor6
Fractals parameters
Helissein by OttoMagusDigitalArt
Pipe City TA Quadrapus - Pong 034 by Dr-Pen
Uno su mille... by maya49m
other excellent frac software
Elemental by triptychaos
Ultra Fractal
Alchemical Rose by OttoMagusDigitalArt
Blue 414 by Alena1950
Current Contest- Lightning
Charged by comettower2
Christmas Contest 2016
Ice sculpture in the mountains by marijeberting
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